Mission Autonomous Electromobility

The e.GO Mover is a minibus that can be universally extended and used. It can be designed for passenger transport as well as private and corporate cargo tasks. The electric minibus developed by the electric-vehicle startup e.GO Mobile AG in Aachen, Germany, was designed for urban transportation. It is fully electric as well as highly automated and will provide urban app-based mobility solutions to simplify traffic in urban areas. For a smooth integration in urban mobility concepts, the e.GO Mover supports both manual steering by a driver and highly automated operation.

The developers of the joint venture e.GO Moove use the rapid control prototyping system MicroAutoBox from dSPACE to develop the vehicle functions, such as propulsion, recuperation, and electronic power steering (EPS) control, or the electric machine for highly automated driving. This enables them to develop and test driving functions even before the target hardware is available.

Devid Will, Senior Manager Automated Driving, e.GO Mobile AG

How does Devid Will, Senior Manager Automated Driving at e.GO Mobile AG, develop such highly automated driving?

“We are using a dSPACE MicroAutoBox in the prototype vehicles of the e.GO Mover to develop core functionalities and control the actuators for highly automated driving.”

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