Power-Level Testing of Electric Vehicle Components such as High-Voltage Controllers and Inverters

Electromobility is picking up speed, particularly in urban and metropolitan areas. Electric city buses provide the low-emission mobility required in these areas. A high availability of buses is indispensable for public transport. Therefore, new drive systems have to be tested particularly thoroughly.

The company Avantest from Alsdorf in North Rhine-Westphalia provides services for the validation of power electronics and electric systems. For this purpose, their test lab is equipped with an electronic high-voltage test system from dSPACE. The system can emulate the motors and battery of a bus at power level, making it possible to test the electronic control units, including the power. 

What does CTO Andreas Cleven think about it?



Product Information

  • DS5386 고전압 전기적 부하 모듈
    DS5386 고전압 전기적 부하 모듈

    전력 HIL 시뮬레이션 최대 1,250V에 대한 전기적 부하

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