Analyzing and Monitoring ECUs during Tests

Analyzing and monitoring the ECU signals is an important aspect in all test scenarios. With the dSPACE experiment software ControlDesk, you can use graphical representations of the signals, which makes it easy to control the ECU functions and identify unwanted behavior. ControlDesk can be used for all test scenarios, no matter if you are performing virtual validation, rapid control prototyping or hardware-in-the-loop tests. The software provides one single work environment for all necessary tasks. It gives you access to the simulation platform as well as connected bus systems, and can perform measurement, calibration, and diagnostics tasks on ECUs, e.g., via standardized ASAM interfaces.

ControlDesk offers synchronous measurement and recording of defined signals on all data sources. You can create your own photorealistic layout including instruments such as a plotter or a speedometer for displaying just the information you need.

For bus communication, ControlDesk provides a specialized module, the Bus Navigator Module. It offers dedicated bus instruments for the following tasks:

  • Handling entire messages, frames, and PDUs
  • Creating instruments to view messages, frames and PDUs and configure and trigger TX messages
  • Monitoring and logging bus data

Using ControlDesk for monitoring your bus communication gives you a competitive edge for all bus testing scenarios.

Supported Bus and Network Protocols

For ECU testing, the dSPACE products support the following communication protocols:

  • CAN
  • CAN FD (ISO and non-ISO)
  • LIN
  • FlexRay
  • Ethernet

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