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RCP and HIL Software Release 7.2
Build No. 2011110201

Compatibility with non-dSPACE Software

The software included on this Release is compatible with the following non-dSPACE software.

Software Description
Windows XP SP3 (32-bit version),
Windows Vista SP2,
Windows 7 SP1
Required for all dSPACE software.

Required when using the following dSPACE software:
RTI and RTI Blocksets, FlexRay Configuration Blockset,,
MLIB/MTRACE, and dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models
Note: Only 32-bit MATLAB versions are supported.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP 1 or later Required to access the online documentation and for ModelDesk
Texas Instruments TMS320C3x/C4x C Compiler Version 4.7 or 5.11 Required for building slave applications for DS2211, DS2210, or DS230x.
Note: This compiler is supplied by Texas Instruments.
Microtec PowerPC C Compiler Version 3.7 Required when using the following dSPACE hardware:
DS1005, DS1103, DS1104, or DS1401 (MicroAutoBox)
RapidPro systems used as prototyping ECU
Note: This compiler is supplied on this Release and is installed automatically during installation if purchased with the dSPACE system.
dSPACE DS1006 C Compiler 2.2 Required for building applications for DS1006
Note: This compiler is based on the GNU C Compiler 3.3.5 and is installed automatically during installation of the real-time libraries.


Board-Specific Software

The following board-specific software is included on this Release.

Software and Version Description
ConfigurationDesk® Configuration Loader Version 4.1 For use with the RapidPro hardware
ConfigurationDesk Implemenation Loader Version 4.1 For use with the SCALEXIO hardware
ControlDesk® Basic Version 3.7.2 For use with all dSPACE hardware except for RapidPro
RTLib1005 Version 2.9
RTLib1006 Version 2.5
RTLib1103 Version 3.5
RTLib1104 Version 2.1
RTLib1401 Version 3.2.1
Real-time libraries for use with the respective dSPACE hardware


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Date 2011-11-02
製品 RCP and HIL Software
インフォメーションタイプ 参考情報
情報カテゴリー バージョンと互換性
dSPACE Release 2013-Aより前