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Patch 1.0.p3 for TargetLink 1.0

Patch 1.0.p3 for TargetLink 1.0, Build-No. 1999092101, corrects the following problems:

  • A problem with Saturation blocks that are combined with preceding blocks has been fixed.
  • StateFlow® diagrams that are part of an enabled subsystem are now reinitialized correctly.
  • A StateFlow problem concerning missing code for inner transitions has been corrected.
  • A StateFlow problem which could lead to improper code generation for transition paths containing both condition and transition actions has been fixed.
  • The range propagation for blocks with calibratable variables failed under certain conditions. This has been fixed.
  • The direct feedthrough calculation for Discrete Transfer Function and Discrete Filter blocks, which could lead to a wrong evaluation order, is now working correctly.
  • Problems with the handling of undefined user data types have been fixed.
  • The code for the control of subsystems that are both triggered and enabled no longer suppresses a trigger event when the system is re-enabled.
  • A problem with variables specified to be generated into a separate file has been fixed.
  • Variables for block outputs of Logical or Relational blocks are now defined with data type UInt8 rather than UInt16.
  • A problem with the use of naming macro $N for block outputs or parameters has been fixed.
  • Type casting and scaling problems with logical, relational and arithmetic expressions in code generated for Stateflow diagrams have been fixed.
  • The header file containing redefinitions of base types is now included in every generated file.
  • The scaling information for Stateflow workspace variables is now used properly in the operations where the macros generated for them are involved.
  • Variables used to index vectors in Stateflow diagrams only are no longer eliminated during optimization.
  • The width of state variables of State Space Blocks is now set correctly when converting the Simulink blockset to the TargetLink blockset.
  • A problem with the optimization of nested conditional statements has been fixed.
  • In some cases the evaluation order of function-call triggered subsystems was not determined correctly. This has been fixed.
  • An error in the automatic document generation, which occurred when creating screen copies of TargetLink subsystems, has been corrected.
  • Transition condition variables in StateFlow are no longer used before they are defined.
  • On Hitachi SH2 targets, an error in the assembly code for scalar products has been corrected.
  • A problem with the scalar expansion of Saturation and Rate Limiter blocks has been fixed.

It is recommended for all TargetLink users to install Patch 1.0.p3. This patch includes all corrections from previous patches for TargetLink 1.0. Please remember that you have to reinstall the patch after reinstalling TargetLink from the CD. You can find a detailed description of the corrected problems in the Known Problems List.

NOTE: Do not use this patch for versions other than those stated in the header. If in doubt, make sure that the Build-No. given matches your TargetLink CD Build-No.

Installing Patch 1.0.p3

Before you can install the patch you must have installed TargetLink 1.0. You also need to close MATLAB® before invoking the patch.

  1. Download Patch 1.0.p3 (1.8 MB) and save it to your dSPACE root directory (e.g. C:\dSPACE).
  2. Exit MATLAB, if still open.
  3. Execute tl10p3.exe. It is a self-extracting ZIP archive that will copy all required files to the corresponding TargetLink directories.

TargetLink is now updated and ready to be started.

Date 2017-03-21
製品 TargetLink
インフォメーションタイプ パッチ
情報カテゴリー トラブルシューティング
dSPACE Release 2013-Aより前