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New Firmware Handling for DS1006 Processor Boards under Release 4.2


With dSPACE Release 4.2, the firmware update of DS1006 boards is significantly faster.

Thus we decided to enable the automatic firmware update option of ControlDesk now by default also for DS1006 boards. This is not explicitly mentioned in the documentation of dSPACE Release 4.2.

The following problem might occur:
The very first firmware update with dSPACE Release 4.2 still needs a lot of time if the DS1006 board contains an old firmware version. You must not cancel the update process once it has started, for example, by switching off your expansion box or closing ControlDesk! If you do so, the DS1006 will not function until the firmware has been updated completely again.

Aside from this the first firmware update should not be done via Ethernet connection.
In this case you ought to:
1. Disable the automatic update after you have installed dSPACE Release 4.2 and before you open ControlDesk for the first time (see workaround).
2. Establish a bus connection to your DS1006 board and update the firmware manually.


If you do not want to update the firmware on your DS1006 automatically during the hardware registration process, you can disable this feature by a registry file. You must then update the firmware manually. After that you may enable this feature again with another registry file.

By means of these registry files the DS1006 firmware update is disabled for all users. If you would disable the corresponding option directly under ControlDesk, only the settings for the current user would be affected.

The registry files and detailed instructions can be downloaded below.


Date 2005-04-26
製品タイプ モジュール型システム
ハードウェアタイプ PHSハードウェア
製品 DS1006 Processor Board, RCP and HIL Software
情報カテゴリー トラブルシューティング
dSPACE Release 2013-Aより前