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FAQ 277: Unsuitable Embedded Hardware Options


The build process of a model fails with the following error message:
RTI Build Error
You have specified options for Embedded hardware on the Hardware
Implementation page of the Configuration Parameters dialog which
are not suitable for RTI<XXXX>:
Option: "Device type"
Current value: Generic->Custom
Requested value: Custom
*** RTI Build detected errors in model configuration.
*** Stopped RTI build procedure for model: <modelname>.
or a similar error message.

Actually the setting on the Configuration Parameter’s page Hardware Implementation does not match
the requested value as stated in the text of the error message.

Why does the RTI build process report this error message? How can the problem be solved?


Date 2018-05-25
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製品 Real-Time Interface(RTI)
インフォメーションタイプ FAQ
情報カテゴリー トラブルシューティング
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Keywords hardware implementation, embedded hardware, device vendor, device type, byte ordering, set_rti, system target file