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Data Validation

This sample utility demonstrates how to enhance SYNECT with a simple data validation functionality. It adds 'Validation' entries to several context menus which cause the underyling item to be validated which is done using Client and Server API. The validation is done using a set of rules which can easily be extended. The result of the validation is shown in a report.

Installation of .addonz files

As of SYNECT version 2.1, new .addonz files are used to install SYNECT add-ons. In order to do so, follow these steps:

  1. Download and save the .addonz file to your computer.
  2. In SYNECT, navigate to "Database->Add-Ons" and click the "Install..." button.
  3. Open the "Archive" tab and browse to the file you downloaded before.
  4. Install the add-on.

SYNECT Version Download Revision Date Revision
2.5 Validation-2.5.addonz 2018-03-27 2.5
2.4 Validation-2.4.addonz 2018-02-16 2.4
2.3 Validation-2.3.addonz 2017-09-25 2.3
2.1 Validation-2.0.addonz June 2016 2.0
2.01 May 2016 1.0

Please note

This material is available for registered customers with additional permission for Support Information (except TargetLink) only. If you are already registered please logon with your mydSPACE ID and passphrase in order to download this material. If you are not yet registered, use these links for registration and managing your permissions

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