dSPACE ECU Flash Programming Tool

ECU flash programming via measurement and calibration interfaces

The dSPACE ECU Flash Programming Tool lets you program the flash memory of ECUs that are equipped with a DCI‑GSI2, ECUs with XCP on CAN, or ECUs with XCP on Ethernet.   

Application Areas

The ECU development process frequently requires new software versions and data sets to be programmed for the ECU. This can be done conveniently via the existing measurement and calibration interface. With the ECU Flash Programming Tool, you can program control units via XCP on CAN, XCP on Ethernet, or via the DCI-GSI2. 


Key Benefits

The dSPACE ECU Flash Programming Tool can be seamlessly integrated into ControlDesk® or used as a stand-alone device. The tool lets you configure user rights for different roles, such as calibration engineer or flash programming expert. Reliable ECU flash programming is guaranteed by flash data identification and consistency mechanisms. Very fast ECU flash programming can be implemented by using the DCI-GSI2.

dSPACE provides consulting and engineering services to help you set up a flash programming solution for your ECU.  

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