dSPACE Release 4.0

今年の8月に、dSPACE Release 4.0がリリースされました。今回のリリースでは、開発環境を向上させるための重要な新機能がいくつか追加されています。次の表は、主な新機能の一覧です。ご不明な点がある場合は、販売代理店にお問い合わせください。

Product New Features
AutomationDesk AutomationDesk is a new tool that facilitates automated, model-based testing in every development phase. Its major features include the graphical Sequence Builder for describing tests and the Project Manager for managing large test projects. AutomationDesk also provides a function library, which you can easily extend and adapt to your requirements and use to set up your own libraries.
For more details, see AutomationDesk
MicroAutoBox New MicroAutoBox variants with interfaces for connection to the Local Interconnect Network (LIN) and/or the FlexRay communication system.
For more details, see MicroAutoBox
  • AVI file generation: Creation of high-quality video files (e.g. AVI, MPEG) from MotionDesk’s motion data. The video files are created offline with high resolution and smooth animation.
  • Atmospheric dialogs: Parameterization of light and fog settings to simulate different visual weather and light situations (e.g. sunny, foggy, sunset, night) in the 3-D visualization.
  • Options for sound generation for some instruments (for example, engine sound).
RTI Support of time-triggered tasks
Real-Time Interface FlexRay Blockset The new RTI FlexRay Blockset provides access to the FlexRay communications protocol for easy configuration of time-triggered task execution.
For more details, see RTI FlexRay Blockset



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