dSPACE Release 2016-A
(Released in May 2016)

The main innovations included in dSPACE Release 2016-A are outlined below.

Product Details
ASM 8.2
  • Support of roadside features, e.g., construction sites
  • Enhanced 3-D sensor models
  • New turbocharged gasoline engine demo model
  • Computation of signals relevant for cylinder indication
AutomationDesk 5.2
  • Performance and usability enhancements with focus on signal-based testing
  • New data object for simplified editing of Python modules of Custom Libraries directly in AutomationDesk
  • Extended COM API for AutomationDesk for improved connection to test management tools
Bus Manager 5.5 (ConfigurationDesk 5.5)
  • Generation of bus simulation container (BSC) files for bus simulation in VEOS
  • Support of DS6301 CAN/LIN Board
  • Support of wake-up/sleep for DS2671, DS2672, DS6301
  • Bus monitoring support for SCALEXIO and VEOS
  • Import of AUTOSAR system templates version 4.2.2 as databases
  • New simulation features
ConfigurationDesk 5.5
  • Enhanced Properties Browser
  • Generation of bus simulation container (BSC) files for bus simulation in VEOS
  • Automated generation of working views based on project topologies (e.g., model topology, hardware topology)
  • Support of DS6301 CAN/LIN Board
  • Extended function block: Current Signal Capture
ControlDesk 5.6
  • Support of A2L files version 1.7 (structured data types)
  • Use of SCALEXIO as bus interface (CAN, LIN, CAN FD) for bus monitoring and ECU access (CCP, XCP on CAN)
  • VEOS: CAN and LIN bus monitoring
  • XY Plotter: time cursor and background picture
  • Time Plotter: bookmarks
  • Browser instrument: variable connections, file archive, and custom properties
  • Bus Navigator: switching between hexadecimal and decimal format
  • XIL API EESPort GUI: FIU tracing, enhanced controlbar, and extended automation support
  • Restructured user documentation
Failure Simulation Package 1.1
  • Monitoring of error set switch demands via real-time variable for cause-effect analyses in FIU tests
  • Usability enhancements for the configuration of error type and error category in ControlDesk
FlexRay Configuration Package 3.7
  • Import of AUTOSAR system templates version 4.2.2 as databases
  • Support of single channel A configurations with channel A/B communication matrix files
  • “Debounce time” support for AUTOSAR formats
  • Default value data supply for unused bits in multiplexed PDUs
ModelDesk 4.3
  • Enhanced road lane and line definition, including shapes
  • New traffic objects

MotionDesk 3.8

  • Less data traffic between simulation and MotionDesk for sensor and force vector visualization
  • 40 visually revised and improved 3-D objects for environment and ADAS scenarios
  • Precise definition and visualization of lane lines
  • Support of free lane lines and markings, delineators, and concrete barriers
Real-Time Testing 3.0
  • Support of Python 2.7 in real-time scripts for using the extended functionality of the current Python distribution
  • Bus Manager support for SCALEXIO platforms for sending and receiving CAN and CAN FD messages without RTICANMM in the real-time model
  • Performance optimization for data streaming for stimulating more signals in RTT, XIL API, AutomationDesk, and ControlDesk
Real-Time Testing Observer Library 1.0
  • Simulation-based formal verification for safety-related systems and functions, as recommended by ISO 26262
  • Seamless coupling with BTC Embedded Specifier®
  • Support of dSPACE HIL and VEOS platforms
  • Easy handling in ControlDesk and AutomationDesk with predefined layouts and test sequences
RTI CAN Blockset 3.4.2
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 4.3
  • Import of AUTOSAR system templates version 4.2.2 as databases
  • Support of DS6301 CAN/LIN Board
  • Support of wake-up/sleep for DS2671, DS2672, DS6301
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
RTI Electric Motor Control Blockset 1.3
  • Support of synchronous serial interfaces, SSI (MicroLabBox)
RTI FPGA Programming Blockset 3.1
  • Automatic update of FPGA Interface blocks for an easier migration from former frameworks
  • Support of an optional build directory (e.g., C:\tmp)
  • DS2655
    • Tracing of register values
    • Offline simulation usability enhancements
  • DS5203
    • Support of 64-bit buffers and registers
    • Support of floating-point data types
  • MicroAutoBox II DS1514
    • Support of the DS1554 Engine Control I/O Module
RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset 2.6
  • Import of AUTOSAR system templates version 4.2.2 as databases
  • Support of DS6301 CAN/LIN Board
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
SystemDesk 4.6
  • Engineering interface for creating non-AUTOSAR V-ECUs
  • Engineering interface for creating AUTOSAR V-ECUs from complete ECU code, including the RTE and BSW
  • Improved usability of the BSW Module Editor
  • New RTE features, e.g., the RTE_isUpdated and Trigger APIs
  • Different layouts for AUTOSAR architects and integrators of V-ECUs
VEOS 3.6
  • Support of bus simulation containers (BSC) files
  • Support of ControlDesk Bus Navigator
  • Support of C++ code in models
MATLAB® support
  • R2014b (64-bit) 1)
  • R2015a SP1 (64-bit) 1) 2)
  • R2015b (64-bit) 1)
  • R2016a (64-bit) 1)
Operating system support
  • Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)


1) MATLAB R2014a Simulink® CoderTM offers enhanced code generation. dSPACE products will adapt to these changes in a stepwise approach. For more information, please see Compatibility Roadmap between dSPACE and MATLAB releases.

2) As of March 2016, an additional Implementation Software Service Pack and ASM patches will be provided to support MATLAB R2015a SP1.

More detailed information on various features in dSPACE Release 2016-A



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