New Functions for SCALEXIO Systems

The new boards can be used in the following SCALEXIO systems (from left to right): SCALEXIO LabBox, SCALEXIO AutoBox, SCALEXIO rack system, SCALEXIO customized rack system.

New hardware continuously expands the range of functions and performance of the SCALEXIO systems. The products listed below are further strengthening the SCALEXIO product portfolio, particularly in the field of electromobility, and offer customized solutions for function development and ECU testing of highly dynamic electric drive concepts as well as the associated power electronics. 

Product Description
DS6121 Multi-I/O Board
  • A multi-I/O board with application-specific functional layout for the dynamic control of electric motors and power electronics
  • Various interfaces for processing encoder signals, synchronized current/voltage measurement, and for generating multichannel PWM signals
  • Integrated sensor supply
DS6651 Multi-I/O Module
  • An I/O expansion for SCALEXIO FPGA boards
  • Ideal for developing and testing highly dynamic controls in the areas of electrical drives and power electronics
  • Six powerful analog input and output channels and 16 digital channels
  • Up to five modules can be connected to one dSPACE FPGA Board (DS2655, DS6601, DS6602)
DS6342 CAN Board
  • A bus I/O board with eight independent CAN/CAN FD channels
  • Ideal for applications that require a high number of CAN/CAN FD channels
DS6321 UART Board
  • A bus I/O board with four independently configurable controllers for the communication protocols RS232, RS422, RS485, and K-Line
  • Ideal for connecting a SCALEXIO system to a control unit or external device via a serial interface