Keeping Track of Everything While Testing

Holger Krumm (dSPACE GmbH), 
発行日: Automobil Elektronik, Oct 2012

In the field of vehicle development, testing plays a central role in almost all phases of the development process. The systematic use of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems usually involves many single ECU projects and several series simulators simultaneously. For quality assurance, the number of tests that are necessary can easily reach around 100,000 and more. For model-based software development, further tests such as MIL, SIL and PIL are performed. Additionally, manual tests have to be carried out in actual vehicles. Testing in no longer done by individuals, but by entire cross-department teams.

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  • テストオートメーションソフトウエア テストオートメーションソフトウエアを使用すると、テストカバレッジが大幅に向上し、さらに時間とコストも節減できます。
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