Realizing Safety – Scenario Creation and Generation

  • 自動車
  • 量産コード自動生成
  • 先進運転支援システム (ADAS)
  • HILテスト
  • 自動運転
  • SILテスト
  • 認証および定期検査
  • シナリオ生成



Across the mobility industry, it is widely understood that a massive number of simulated scenarios are required to validate autonomous vehicles, but practically speaking, it is too time-consuming and expensive to create these scenarios manually.

In this Learning Bits episode, Janek Jocheim from dSPACE and Hans Jürgen Holberg from BTC Embedded Systems introduce a promising approach to generating thousands of scenarios and simulations that involves a high-level language.


Hans Jürgen Holberg

Hans Jürgen Holberg

Board Member - BTC Embedded Systems AG

Janek Jochheim

Janek Jochheim

Opportunity Manager – Business Development, dSPACE GmbH


  • シナリオ生成

    dSPACEおよびUAI社 が提供するシナリオ生成ソリューションを使用すると、実際の記録データに基づき、自動運転機能の大規模なテストに適した現実的なシナリオを作成することができます。

  • BTC Embedded Systems AG
    BTC Embedded Systems AG


  • Use Case: Homologation of Driving Functions
    Use Case: Homologation of Driving Functions

    The homologation of driving functions requires proof of billions of test kilometers. Since real test drives are too expensive and take too long, test scenarios are generated for homologation and used in software-in-the-loop simulation, which is executed f