Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package - Part II

  • 自動車
  • HILテスト
  • 電力産業
  • エレクトロモビリティ
  • Power Grid



The Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package provides various improvements for integrating Simscape-Electrical™ (Specialized Power Systems) models into a dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) environment.

Furthermore, no expert FPGA knowledge or synthesis is required for the FPGA-based approach. Watch our latest Innovation Coffee Break to see an example use case and additional features.


Axel Kiffe

Axel Kiffe

Technical Specialist Real-Time Test & Development Solutions - RTDS

Katrin Witting

Katrin Witting

Generic Tools Manager, dSPACE GmbH


  • Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package - Part I
    Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package - Part I

    Learn more about how the Electrical Power Systems Simulation (EPSS) tooling from dSPACE enables HIL simulation for even the highest switching frequencies of semiconductors in power electronics



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