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Perfecting Paper Paths

Carlo Cloet (Real-Time Innovations), 
Martin Krucinski (Xerox Corporation), 
お客様の会社名: Xerox Corporation, USA
Real-Time Innovations, USA
発行元: dSPACE NEWS 2002/2, Jun 2002

Increasing demands on printers and copiers, like increasing velocities and throughputs, called for an increase in reliability and operation accuracy, especially of the paper path. A joint research project between the University of California, Berkeley, and Xerox Corporation has developed an innovative control process that detects and corrects slight timing inaccuracies by utilizing feedback control along the full paper path, thus avoiding so-called “soft jams”. With dSPACE Prototyper the whole control development process was sped up, resulting in a first-cut closed-loop control implementation of certain control loops in only one day instead of weeks.