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The Relativity Mission at Stanford University

David Hipkins (Stanford University), 
Jennifer Mullins (Stanford University), 
お客様の会社名: Stanford University, USA
発行元: dSPACE NEWS 2002/1, Mar 2002

While Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity has been around for nearly a century, tests confirming its ideas are few and far from conclusive. Gravity Probe B is an experiment developed by NASA and Stanford University that will measure how space and time are influenced by the presence of Earth. dSPACE provided a hardware-in-the-loop setup to test the highly sensitive electronic system of the most stringent and precise test of general relativity ever done.

UPDATE: On 21 April 2004, at 9:57:24, the Gravity Probe B spacecraft was successfully launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in South-Central California. The probe will orbit around Earth for more than a year on its mission.