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Powerful Cars Need Powerful Tests

Wolfgang Baeker (Bugatti Engineering GmbH), 
Dirk Lichtenthäler (Volkswagen AG), 
お客様の会社名: Bugatti Engineering GmbH, Germany
Volkswagen AG, Germany
発行元: dSPACE NEWS 2004/1, Feb 2004

At 1001 HP, the Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron seems set to become the fastest and most expensive production vehicle ever built. And for active safety at speeds of over 400 km/h, a whole range of electronic control units (ECUs) are needed. Bugatti first performed intensive validation work on the ECUs in the laboratory, using dSPACE Simulator. This allowed functions to be tested efficiently, both in individual tests and in a network, with no danger at all to driver or vehicle.