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Compatibility of MATLAB Toolboxes  and Simulink Blocksets with ConfigurationDesk/RTI

In addition to MATLAB and Simulink, MathWorks offers a wide range of blocksets and toolboxes which are extensions to the basic MATLAB and Simulink software packages. 

Blocksets and toolboxes provide additional Simulink blocks. To be used with ConfigurationDesk or RTI, these blocks must support code generation with Simulink Coder / Real-Time Workshop.

Note: Only known compatibility issues specific to ConfigurationDesk / RTI are listed in this document. For detailed information on which blocks do or do not support code generation with Simulink Coder / Real-Time Workshop, refer to the MATLAB help or contact MathWorks.


We test the compatibility of blocksets and toolboxes that provide Simulink blocks with selected demo models taken from the MATLAB installation or with our own test models designed especially for this purpose. These tests do not cover the complete functionality range of the blocksets. The complexity resulting from the number of blocks and their possible parameterizations is far too large to guarantee tests with 100% coverage. 

Note: As a result, problems might occur even when we state that a certain blockset or toolbox is supported by ConfigurationDesk / RTI. For information on the known problems, see the blockset- or toolboxspecific chapters below or contact

Date 2018-06-14
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