Replacement of WibuKey and CodeMeter Rev. 2-xxxx Dongles

Since 2017, dSPACE has been using CodeMeter technology from Wibu Systems for the licensing of dSPACE software products.
​​​​​​​Only CodeMeter dongles Rev. 3-xxxx are supported by dSPACE Releases 2017-B and later. Older dongle types that are not compatible with dSPACE CodeMeter licensing have to be replaced.

Register now for dongle replacement:

Note: As of dSPACE Release 2023-A, the migration of old dongles via dSPACE Installation Manager (for green WibuKey dongles) and the dSPACE Dongle Migration Tool (for Rev. 2-xxx dongles) is no longer supported.

When does a dongle need to be replaced? 

  • If you still have one of the following dongle types and now want to use it with dSPACE Release 2017-B or later:
    • Green WibuKey dongle, shipped up to November 2014
    • Cm Dongle Rev. 2-xxxx shipped between December 2014 (dSPACE Release 2014-B) and October 2015
  • If the licenses of your dongle are under software maintenance until at least dSPACE Release 2017-B. CodeMeter License Tickets have been provided by dSPACE.
  • If you have not performed a dongle migration process via dSPACE Installation Manager / dSPACE Dongle Migration Tool since 2017.

How can a dongle replacement process be initiated?

  • Please fill out the form above on this website completely.
  • After checking your data, dSPACE will provide you with a replacement dongle free of charge.
  • The old WibuKey or CodeMeter Rev. 2-xxxx Dongle may no longer be used after dongle replacement for compliance reasons and should be disposed of.

If you have any questions about the dongle replacement process, please contact dSPACE Support.​​​​​​​


Date 2023-05-15
Produit dSPACE Installation Manager
Type d’information Notifications
Catégorie d’information Migration
Release dSPACE 2023-A, 2022-B, 2022-A, 2021-B, 2021-A, 2020-B, 2020-A, 2019-B, 2019-A, 2018-B, 2018-A, 2017-B

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