End-of-life announcement MotionDesk

The end-of-life for MotionDesk  is planned for December 2024.

End-of-Life Information

Due to the availability of AURELION an end-of-life date has been set for MotionDesk and MotionDesk Animated Chars. The end-of-life date is December 31, 2024. As of this date, no services of any kind will be available for MotionDesk.

It is already no longer possible to buy these products. Instead, we offer our new generation of visualization and sensor simulation AURELION.
New Releases of dSPACE software will still support MotionDesk until at least the end of 2023.

While the AURELION licenses also allow using MotionDesk, we advise against using MotionDesk in new projects.

Until / Date
End of life announced Mar 2022
Product Licenses and SMS Can Be Purchased Dec 2021
New Product Versions Provided Dec 2023
Hotfixes, Patches, and Service Packs Provided Dec 2023
Customer support services provided Dec 2024


For new projects we recommend that you use AURELION, the latest dSPACE technology for visualization and sensor simulation.

If you have any questions or need further information, your contact in the dSPACE sales team will be glad to help.

Migration Information

For information on migration mechanics, see the AURELION documentation and the links below.

Informations approfondies

  • AURELION Download
    AURELION Download

    Download AURELION Setup

  • FAQ 432
    FAQ 432

    Where do I get AURELION updates, which other products are compatible with AURELION and which licenses are required?

  • FAQ 433
    FAQ 433

    I was using MotionDesk or SensorSim in the past and want to start with AURELION now. Where can I find required information?

Sujets apparentés

  • Sensor Simulation based on MotionDesk End-of-life announcement
    Sensor Simulation based on MotionDesk End-of-life announcement

    The end-of-life for Sensor Simulation based on MotionDesk is planned for September 2023.

Informations produit


    Intégrez des données de capteur réalistes pour tester et valider vos fonctions de perception et de conduite - avec AURELION, la solution logicielle pour la simulation réaliste par capteur.

  • MotionDesk End-of-life announcement
    MotionDesk End-of-life announcement

    The end-of-life for MotionDesk is planned for December 2024


Date 2023-02-20
Produit MotionDesk
Type d’information Notifications
Catégorie d’information Fin de vie
Release dSPACE Releases à venir

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