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End-of-life announcement DS1005 PPC Board

The end of life of the DS1005 is planned for 31 December 2020. We advise against using the DS1005 in new projects. You can still buy the product until 31 December 2016. New releases of dSPACE software are guaranteed to continue supporting the DS1005 until at least the end of 2019. As of this date, no services of any kind will be available for this product. 

End-of-Life Information

Services Until / Date
End of life announced Nov 2015
Product can be purchased Dec 2016
New revisions provided Dec 2016
Repair service provided Dec 2019
Software support provided Dec 2019
Bug-fixes for supporting software Dec 2019
Customer support services provided Dec 2020


For new projects we recommend that you use the successor, dSPACE DS1007 PPC Processor Board.

The DS1007 PPC Processor Board is supported by dSPACE Releases since 2014-A.

The DS1007 is more than just a suitable replacement. It also provides numerous additional benefits such as its greatly improved computation power with its 2 GHz dual-core PowerPC processor and its integrated high-bandwidth Ethernet host interface for setting up modular systems without additional host interface cards. Furthermore, USB mass storage devices can be connected via the integrated USB-interface for long-term data logging and autonomous booting of real-time applications without a host connection.

If you have any questions or need further information, your contact in the dSPACE sales team will be glad to help. 

Migration Information

Generally RTI models for DS1005 based systems can be re-used with DS1007 boards. Certain features might not be available, however, or the model must be adapted.

Additional dedicated migration information would be published here.

Date 2015-11-30
Produit DS1005 PPC Board
Type d’information Notifications
Catégorie d’information Fin de vie
Release dSPACE Upcoming Releases