Updates and patches for SYNECT

Release Type Available Download Date Remarks
SYNECT 2.9 Patch SYNECT Server 2.9 Patch 1 2021-05-11
  Patch SYNECT 2.9 Patch 1 2021-04-15
SYNECT 2.8 Patch SYNECT Server 2.8 Patch 2 2021-05-10
  Patch SYNECT Client 2.8 Add-On Update 2020-01-20 To avoid loss of data it is strongly recommended to update this Add-On to version 2.8.1.
SYNECT 2.5 Patch SYNECT 2.5 Patch 1 2018-06-22
  Patch SYNECT Server 2.5 Patch 1 2018-06-22
SYNECT 2.2 Patch SYNECT Server 2.2 Patch 2 2017-03-10
SYNECT 2.12 Patch SYNECT 2.12 Patch 1 2023-02-16 Both SYNECT Server P1 and SYNECT 2.12 P1 must be installed.
  Patch SYNECT Server 2.12 Patch 1 2023-02-16 Both SYNECT Server P1 and SYNECT 2.12 P1 must be installed. If WFM is used, then the WFM Solutions 2021-B must be updated too.
SYNECT 2.10 Patch SYNECT Server 2.10 Patch 1 2021-05-10
SYNECT 1.5 Patch Python 2.7 from Release 2015-A 2015-05-21
  Patch SYNECT 1.5 Patch 3 2015-05-21
SYNECT 1.4 Patch SYNECT Server 1.4 Patch 1 2014-08-20
  Patch SYNECT 1.4 Patch 2 2014-08-12
SYNECT 1.3 Patch SYNECT 1.3 Patch 3 2014-04-17
SYNECT 1.1 Patch SYNECT 1.1 Patch 1 2013-04-17
Date 2020-01-01
Type de logiciel Logiciel de gestion de données
Produit SYNECT
Type d’information Patches
Catégorie d’information Phase de débogage
Release dSPACE 2019-B, 2018-A, 2016-B

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