Release 2013-B Implementation-Software Service Pack 3


This Service Pack can be installed only on top of an existing RCP and HIL Release 2013-B Installation Set.
These patches are contained in the Service Pack: 
32-bit and 64-bit
  • ConfigurationDesk Implementation 5.0p3 (for SCALEXIO)
  • DSRTSU 2.0p1
  • ECU Interface Manager 1.4p1
  • FlexRay Configuration Blockset 2.2p1
  • FlexRay Configuration Tool 3.2p2
  • Microtec PowerPC C/C++ Compiler 3.7.8p1
  • RTI 7.1p1
  • RTI Bypass 3.1p1
  • RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 2.9p1
  • RTI FlexRay Configuration Blockset 3.2p1
  • RTI FPGA Programming Blockset 2.6.2
  • RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset 2.2
  • RTLib1005 2.13p1
  • RTLib1006 2.9p2
  • SCALEXIO RTLib 2.3p4

For a detailed list of the solved problems and improvements refer to the ReadMe files below.

Installation Notes & Download
DS_ImplSW_13B_SP3_x86_p4_311552.exe (321 MB)
DS_ImplSW_13B_SP3_x64_p4_311552.exe (321 MB)

Date 2015-07-24
Type de logiciel Logiciels d’implémentation
Produit ConfigurationDesk, RTI (Real-Time Interface)
Type d’information Patches
Catégorie d’information Phase de débogage
Release dSPACE 2013-B

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