CalDesk Patch 1.1.1p3

Problems Fixed by this Patch


This patch can be installed on an existing CalDesk 1.1.1 installation.
It contains also the prior patches CalDesk 1.1.1p1 and CalDesk 1.1.1p2.

Problems Fixed by this Patch

  • CAN Monitoring:
  • Signals in Motorola byte order format (big endian) were partly internally handled as Intel byte order format (little endian).
  • CAN Monitoring, CSM ScanMess Modules, IMC CANSAS Modules, IPETRONIK SIM Modules:
  • For signals in Motorola byte order format (big endian) the interpretation of the signal's position and startbit was incorrect.
  • The interpretation of signed signals was incorrect.
  • Problems already fixed in CalDesk 1.1.1p2
  • The interpolation/extrapolation of the points of a shared axis caused a crash if this shared axis was not referenced by other maps or curves.
  • CCP Device:
    The Seed & Key procedure swapped the seed- and key bytes if the byte order of the ECU has Motorola format (big endian).
    The swapping has been disabled now.
  • ASAP2 Parser:
  • The error messages 6010, 6015, 5013, 5070 from the internal data kernel are suppressed now because they sometimes overloaded the message stack.
  • New handling for already declared descriptions (blocks: COMPU_METHODs, CHARACTERISTICs, MEASUREMENTs, AXIS_PTS, RECORD_LAYOUTs). If the same object name is used more than once in the ASAP2 file, an error message is displayed telling the user how to solve the problem.
  • Improved handling of ByteOrder and AddressMode. Enumeration values are initialised and checked for validity.
  • Improved displaying of line numbers in error messages.
  • Improved handling of error messages so that the last error entry from the parser will not be lost if too many error messages occur.
  • Problems already fixed in CalDesk 1.1.1p1
  • Improved migration of CalDesk experiments containing RCP devices.
    Projects and experiments created with CalDesk 1.1.0 will be opened much faster with CalDesk 1.1.1p1.
  • Improved handling in conjunction with "Add Variable Description" for experiments containing multiple RCP devices.


CalDesk1.1.1_Patch3.exe (7.3 MB)

Date 2005-04-20
Type de logiciel Logiciels d'expérimentation et de visualisation, Logiciels d'interface de calculateurs
Type d’information Patches
Catégorie d’information Phase de débogage
Release dSPACE Avant la 2013-A

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