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Look-up Table Migration: Repairing Look-up Table Connections

This utility for Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) helps you repair broken look-up table connections.

As described in the New Features and Migration Guide of dSPACE Release 2016-B, the discontinued Simulink Lookup and Lookup2D blocks in the ASM libraries were updated to the new Simulink Lookup Table (n-D) block. The migration sections of the specific ASM libraries provide a list of the affected blocks.

While the state-of-the-art look-up table functionality is still provided in the model, the connection variables in ControlDesk changed. ASM provides a Python script that re-establishes the broken instrument connections for the corresponding look-up tables.

The script iterates over all the layouts of an experiments. If the layouts contain a Table Editor, a check mechanism validates the connection of the instrument. If the connection is not valid, i.e. if it contains the string “OutputValues”, the string is renamed “LookUpTableData”. By default, the script does not save the layouts. You have to validate the corrections and manually save the corrected layouts . To save the layouts automatically you can set the variable "FlagSaveLayout" in the script to True.

The ControlDesk experiment must contain a valid variable description (SDF) file.

Before running the script, check if all variables in your layouts can be associated with a platform/device. Otherwise, the script will skip those layouts. Therefore, if the ribbon item “Assign Platforms” from the ribbon “Layouting” is enabled, you have to run it and select your platform.

To run the script, in ControlDesk go to the Automation ribbon and click Run Script.

We recommend to create a backup before running the script. You can view the correct connections between the instruments and the simulation variables when ControlDesk is online.

ASM Version Download Revision Date Revision
8.3 2016-11-02 1.0

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Date 2016-12-06
Type de logiciel Automotive Simulation Models
Produit Automotive Simulation Models (ASM)
Type d’information Outils
Catégorie d’information Migration, Extension fonctionnelle
Release dSPACE 2016-B