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TargetLink® AUTOSAR Module

The TargetLink AUTOSAR Module

The optional TargetLink AUTOSAR Module makes TargetLink’s modeling, simulation and code generation features available for designing AUTOSAR software components (SWCs).

Developers can specify AUTOSAR structure elements, such as runnables, ports, and communication interfaces, simply at model level. Hence model-based designs are directly implemented in the form of AUTOSAR-compliant production code.


  • Model-based design for AUTOSAR software components (SWCs)
  • Code generation for AUTOSAR SWCs
  • Importing, exporting and merging software component
  • descriptions
  • Simulating and testing SWCs
  • AUTOSAR frame model generation
  • Round trips with other AUTOSAR tools based on
  • SWC description files
  • Convenient round trips with SystemDesk based on
  • SWC container exchange


  • Efficient and easy modeling using proven workflows
  • for AUTOSAR
  • AUTOSAR-compliant code generation
  • Easy migration of existing TargetLink models to
  • Testing and verifying SWCs in early design phases
  • No tedious manual creation of software component
  • description files
  • Easy integration of TargetLink in an AUTOSAR tool chain
  • In brief: You go from model to AUTOSAR-compliant code faster.

TargetLink AUTOSAR Block Library

To design AUTOSAR SWCs, TargetLink offers the TargetLink AUTOSAR library:

  • AUTOSAR runnables and operation calls are modeled using the TargetLink Function/Runnable block.
  • AUTOSAR communication mechanisms like sender/­receiver or client/server communication are specified in TargetLink Inport and Outport blocks.
  • Specific AUTOSAR features like signal acknowledgement, signal invalidation and status signals are modeled using special ComSpec blocks.
  • Optional SWC sender/receiver blocks can be used to represent AUTOSAR ports in a Simulink/TargetLink model.

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