Develop and implement multi-sensor applications on embedded targets, and capture,  visualize, and replay data.

Reduced Software Development Complexity

Easy integration of different sensor data streams via drag & drop

Interoperability with ROS

Easy communication with ROS nodes and networks

ISO 26262 Certification

Coming soon: Simplify the homologation process using ISO 26262 ASIL B certification

600+ Sensor and I/O Components

Accelerate your development using professionally developed and maintained components

What is RTMaps?

Realtime Multi-sensor applications (RTMaps ) is a multisensor software framework for data logging & replay, software development, and real-time execution. RTMaps offers:

  • Drag & drop component-based development
  • Zero-copy communication
  • Low memory and CPU overhead
  • No loss of data
Application Areas

Multisensor applications play an essential role in many industrial and other areas. Some typical examples are:

  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Mining trucks
  • Shuttles
  • Aerospace
  • Railways

Typical tasks that can be conveniently processed with RTMaps are:

  • Data capture
  • Data visualization
  • Software development
  • Data replay

Key Benefits

With RTMaps, data is acquired asynchronously and each data sample is captured along with its time stamp at its own genuine pace. This ensures that all data is time-correlated. The unparalleled performance of RTMaps on multicore CPUs enables users to get the most out of their computing architectures and easily set up applications that handle multiple, high-bandwidth data streams, including real-time processing and data fusion (sensor fusion). Sensor data can be recorded and played back synchronously for offline development and testing under reproducible conditions and faster than in real time.
RTMaps provides comprehensive component libraries for automotive sensors, buses, and perception algorithms. It also supports any type and number of sensors and actuators (see complete list of supported technologies). Algorithms can be developed easily by means of block diagrams or by integrating own code using dedicated software development kits for C++ and Python. It is even possible to process data on multiple distributed platforms while preserving time coherency and synchronization of heterogeneous data streams.

Integration into the dSPACE Tool Chain

RTMaps is tightly integrated into the dSPACE tool chain. For this, dSPACE provides an interface blockset designed specifically for dSPACE VEOS. RTMaps is the configuration and run-time environment for dSPACE AUTERA Data Logger and dSPACE Data Replay, and dSPACE TargetLink can be used to integrate production code generated from Simulink. Additionally, dSPACE ControlDesk can be connected to RTMaps to monitor and parameterize components that are implemented and processed in RTMaps. 

Wide Range of Supported Sensors

Wide Range of Supported Sensors

RTMaps offers over 600 ready-to-use components for your development tasks and supports over 150 sensor models from the robotics and automotive markets (cameras, radar, lidar, GPS, IMU, CAN, biometrics, etc.).


Functionality Overview

Functionality Overview

Functionality Description
  • Developing, testing, validating, and benchmarking processing and data fusion algorithms
  • 2D & 3D visualization
  • Data time-stamping, latency measurement, downstream resynchronization
  • Data logging and faster-than-real-time data playback for offline development and validation
  • Graphical programming by means of block diagrams and easy integration of C++, Python and Simulink code
  • Optimized, multithread run-time engine and dedicated real-time capabilities
  • Data processing and data synchronization on multiple distributed platforms
  • RTMaps Studio with large module libraries for graphical development
  • RTMaps Remote Studio (an additional RTMaps Remote Studio license is required) to directly develop applications on embedded platforms using a PC
  • RTMaps Runtime Engine for embedded deployment and customized HMIs
  • Record and play back measurement data in different file formats (ADTF DAT, MDF4, etc.)
Supported sensors, communication buses, and protocols
  • Cameras (GigE Vision, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, FireWire, analog, Camera Link, HDR, etc., from Point Grey, IDS, Basler, AVT, NIT, etc.)
  • Stereo-vision heads
  • Lidars (IBEO, Velodyne, SICK, Hokuyo, Quanergy, Ouster, etc.)
  • Radars (Delphi, Autocruise, Continental, etc.)
  • Time-of-flight sensors (LeddarTech)
  • CAN/CAN FD, LIN (Peak, Kvaser, Vector Informatik, DBC file decoder)
  • FlexRay (Star Cooperation, ARXML file decode)
  • DDS (RTI Connext, Vortex OpenSplice)
  • GPS, IMUs (SBG Systems, OxTS, Xsens, VectorNav, IXSEA, Phidgets, etc.)
  • Communication (TCP & UDP, Some/IP, ASAM XIL API, etc.)
  • Analog/digital I/O (Data Translation, Phidgets, Audio, etc.)
  • Eye trackers (Pertech, faceLAB, SmartEye, SMI, The Eye Tribe, etc.) and biometrics (BIOPAC, Becker Meditec, etc.)
  • Motion capturing (Kinect, Xtion, Vicon, etc.)
  • The complete list of available components is provided under:
    Support for additional components on request.
Supported algorithms for developing functions for autonomus driving
  • Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) for CPU/GPU-based image processing
  • Support for NVIDIA® DriveWorks for the DRIVE platforms (AGX, PX2)
  • Augmented LiDAR 3D SLAM provided by Dibotics via Partners Components Store
Supported operating systems and platforms
  • Windows®, Linux, Embedded Linux, QNX
  • x86, x86_64, ARM, AUTERA, Renesas HAD Solution Kit, NXP BlueBox, NVIDIA® DRIVE™ PX 2, Raspberry Pi
Targeted applications
  • Advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Mobile robotics
  • Data recording
  • Data replay
  • Advanced multimodal HMIs

Optional Products

  • RTMaps Interface Blockset

  • RTMaps Interface Blockset
    RTMaps Interface Blockset

    Enabling full-stack prototyping across multisensor applications and hard real-time controllers

  • ControlDesk

  • ControlDesk

    Universal modular experiment and instrumentation software for electronic control unit (ECU) development

  • VEOS

  • VEOS

    Platform for PC-based simulation of models and ECU network communication

  • AUTERA – Shaping the Autonomous Era

  • AUTERA – Shaping the Autonomous Era
    AUTERA – Shaping the Autonomous Era

    Lightning-fast data logging and prototyping with extensive, hot-swappable storage

  • IVS - Sensor Data Management Platform for Automated Driving

  •  IVS - Sensor Data Management Platform for Automated Driving
    IVS - Sensor Data Management Platform for Automated Driving

    Validate your perception, fusion, and path-planning algorithms by efficiently managing petabytes of test-drive data.

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