Ethernet Blocksets

Overview of Ethernet implementation software

With its Ethernet blocksets, dSPACE enables the real-time simulation of service-oriented communication in Ethernet networks of electronic control units (ECUs). These networks play an important role in modern driver assistance systems, new comfort and entertainment functions, and numerous other functionalities.

Application Areas

Ethernet is an integral part of various dSPACE applications and solutions, where it is used for communication between dSPACE systems and other systems, for co-simulation coupling, etc. It can also be used as a vehicle network or bypassing interface.

dSPACE Ethernet implementation software lets you efficiently integrate Ethernet functions into a wide range of applications.

Key Benefits

Ethernet is a long-established networking technology for the most diverse applications that was first used for networking local computers. Since its beginnings, the technology has evolved and now offers great features such as flexibility, efficient pricing, and accumulated know-how. As an ISO Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, Ethernet can be tailored to many different applications, allowing it to enter more fields, such as industrial automation. Today, it is even being used in the vehicle.

dSPACE Ethernet implementation software offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface and application-tailored solutions. Some blocksets are supported by gPTP (generalized Precision Timing Protocol) to ensure synchronous data feed. 

Feature Ethernet Configuration Package 1) ConfigurationDesk UDP/TCP Function RTI Ethernet Blockset RTI Ethernet (UDP) Blockset
Supported platform SCALEXIO Processing Unit SCALEXIO Processing Board MicroAutoBox III SCALEXIO Processing Unit SCALEXIO Processing Board MicroAutoBox III MicroLabBox MicroAutoBox II
Supported additional Ethernet hardware DS6331_PE, DS6333_PE, DS6333_CS DS6331_PE, DS6333_PE, DS6333_CS, DS6334_PE, DS6335_CS
Purpose Supports automotive middleware SOME/IP. Connects dSPACE simulator systems to Ethernet devices and networks. Connects dSPACE real-time systems to Ethernet devices and networks. Provides clock master and slave simulation functionality. Connects MicroLabBox to Ethernet devices. Connects MicroAutoBox II to Ethernet devices and networks.
1) For more information, please see relevant product information.

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