AURELION Radar Model

Realistic simulation of radar signals

The optional ‘AURELION Radar’ model allows AURELION, the new dSPACE solution for sensor-realistic simulation, to simulate a highly realistic radar channel impulse response in real time.

Application Areas

For applications such as the development of autonomous vehicles, the new radar sensor model lets AURELION perform a physics-based calculation of the radar channel and a real-time calculation of radar data with GPU acceleration. Input highly realistic radar data in your processing chain.

  • Reflection and scattering
  • Adaptive ray launching for accurate results and optimal performance
  • Multipath propagation simulation allows for realistic ghost target simulation
  • Highly resolved material textures for enhanced material support and customizable material parameters
  • Support for animated characters and dynamic meshes
  • Simulation of micro-Doppler effects
  • Polarimetric calculation of radar channel
  • Support for multiple TX/RX antennas
  • Antenna gain pattern can be imported by the user
  • Support for multiple sensors and scalable for large sensor sets
  • Real-time post processing with sensor environment model
  • Different simulation outputs available via real-time post-processing system: channel impulse response, detection list, raw antenna data, customer-specific outputs
  • Custom sensor models can be integrated via open interfaces
  • Direct coupling of real hardware devices via FPGA-based Environment Sensor Interface (ESI) Unit from dSPACE
  • Smooth transition from SIL to HIL use cases using the same software, scenarios, and definitions

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