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Battery Cell Voltage Measurement and Balancing

Battery Management

The Battery Cell Voltage Measurement and Balancing system enables highly precise measurement and control of cell voltages in lithium-ion batteries and allows the development of algorithms for battery management.

Installable in the vehicle

The system can be installed directly in a vehicle and features cell-balancing functions that maintain the charge states of individual cells to ensure safe operation. This maximizes battery capacity and extends battery life.

Manual and Automatic Balancing

Two operation modes are available: The ‘manual balancing’ mode gives users complete freedom to balance cells individually or collectively, and at any desired interval. The ‘automatic balancing’ mode is a comfort function that specifies target voltages and switch-off times, leaving users free to focus on the more important algorithms.

Reliable Safety Features

Because of the high voltages of Li-ion batteries, the system provides various safety features. These include warnings about hardware, communication and synchronization errors, and also about overheating, isolation faults, and cell undervoltages and overvoltages.

Technical Details

  • Modular system supporting 4 to approx. 200 cells, installable in a vehicle
  • 24 cell voltages per module
  • 24 cell temperatures per module 
  • Intersil® ISL78600 BMS IC
  • Cell voltage measured with up to ±2.5 mV accuracy
  • Synchronized measurement of cell voltages, temperatures and currents – independent of the number of cells
  • High sampling rate of 1 Ksps 
  • Plug-on modules for replacement of balancing resistances. Resistance values of up to 10 Ω
  • S-function-based Simulink® blockset (RTI Ethernet (UDP) blockset additionally required)
  • Two balancing modes:
    • Manual mode with full user control
    • Configurable automatic mode
  • Comprehensive error detection features
  • Insulation monitoring device connectable to each module

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