TargetLink® 2.1

This list gives you an overview of the innovations of dSPACE TargetLink 2.1

Improvement Detailed Description
Enhanced Target Optimization Modules
  • New Target Optimization Module for Freescale HCS12/Metrowerks CodeWarrior compiler
  • Target Optimization Module for Infineon TriCore now with support of Infineon TriCore TC1766 and TC1796/Altium Tasking compiler
Enhanced Target Simulation Module
  • Freescale MPC 5554/ Green Hills and Wind River Diab compilers
  • Freescale S12/Metrowerks CodeWarrior compilers
  • Infineon TriCore TC1796/Altium Tasking compiler
  • NEC V850/Green Hills Compilers
  • Renesas SH7058/ Renesas Compilers
  • STMicroelectronics ST10/Altium Tasking Compilers
Enhanced support of Simulink signal busses
  • Signal busses at TargetLink subsystem boundaries and inside TargetLink subsystems are now fully supported.
Enhanced modeling functionality
  • Supports sample time specifications in the constant block to simplify code generation for multirate systems.
  • Supports events on state machine level to assist the synchronization of state charts.
  • Supports the “Zero based indexing” option in Simulink.
  • Supports the Stateflow Bind Feature.
  • TargetLink inport and outport blocks are no longer mandatory on root level if no arithmetic is present.
Enhanced code generation functionality
  • Code generator option to choose between divisions/multiplications and bit shifts
  • Preprocessor statement generation (#if, #ifdef) via variable classes
  • Improved file partitioning for data variant structures
  • Increased flexibility using table vectors to enable variable merging
  • Implementation of fabs function to support code generation for "Conforming Freestanding Implementation"
Enhanced integration of dSPACE Data Dictionary
  • Better integration of TargetLink models and the Data Dictionary via block variable import into the Data Dictionary
  • Improved connection between MATLAB workspace/file variables and the Data Dictionary via import/export mechanism
  • Data Dictionary include path specification via environment variable helps to avoid problems in sharing, moving, copying Data Dictionary files
Enhanced process integration
  • Enhanced traceability between model and generated code via checksums
  • Improved hook-function flexibility for code generation and code coverage
  • Supports user-defined properties during ASAM MCD 2MC file generation process.
  • ‘Build all’ feature to simplify the use of incremental code generation
Enhanced usability
  • Sort-by-date operation in the Property Manager to support change tracking in models
  • Improved display, scrolling and multiple select feature in the Property Manager to simplify property browsing and modifying
  • Axis labeling in signal plots with variables or blocks names and physical units
  • Signal plotting in either staircase or interpolated format

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