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SCALEXIO Rack System

Off-the-shelf HIL simulator with up to 12 height units

The SCALEXIO rack system is very flexible due to extensive I/O features. All hardware is software-configurable, making it easy to adapt the system to changing project requirements.  

Application Area

The SCALEXIO rack system is a 19'' off-the-shelf HIL simulator available in up to 12 height units. It supports the SCALEXIO I/O boards Multi­Compact and HighFlex, thus covering a broad range of test scenarios and domains.   

Key Benefits

The SCALEXIO rack version is very flexible due to extensive I/O features. All hardware is software-configurable, which makes it easy for you to adapt the system to changing project requirements. The rack version comes with integrated signal conditioning and a Failure Insertion Unit. The SCALEXIO Processing Unit acts as the computation node and is also integrated in the system.  

Multiprocessor Support

The SCALEXIO rack system comes with an integrated SCALEXIO Processing Unit. Due to its multiprocessor support, it can be interconnected with any SCALEXIO system to increase computational power, e.g., other SCALEXIO rack systems or SCALEXIO LabBox. 

Coupling Option

You can couple your SCALEXIO rack system with additional I/O subracks to extend the I/O capabilities. These subracks can, but do not have to, include their own processing hardware. For coupling the systems, an IOCNET connector is used. 

Parameters Specification
  • HIL simulator system for up to 20 SCALEXIO boards of any type
  • Integrated SCALEXIO Processing Unit • Failure Insertion Unit
  • Integrated signal conditioning
  • Software-configurable via ConfigurationDesk
  • Connection to host PC via Ethernet
  • Board exchange via front access
Connecting with other systems
  • I/O extension via additional I/O subracks using an IOCNET connection
Ambient temperature
  • 0 °C ... +40 °C (32 … 104 °F)
Operating humidity
  • 80% max. if < 31 °C (87.8 °F) (non-condensing environment)
  • 19'' rack system
  • 9 or 12 U
  • Up to 80 kg
Internal power supply1)
  • 100 … 240 V AC, 50 … 60 Hz
  • 300 W for 9 U rack
  • 600 W for 12 U rack
Power supply for external devices1)
  • Lambda Genesys power supply unit

1) Without a SCALEXIO Processing Unit


SCALEXIO Processing Unit Product lines for high core performance and high parallel performance ConfigurationDesk pour SCALEXIO Logiciel de configuration et d'implémentation pour le matériel SCALEXIO de dSPACE DS6301 CAN/LIN Board SCALEXIO I/O board for connecting simulators to CAN/CAN FD and LIN bus systems DS6101 Multi-I/O Board SCALEXIO I/O board with signal conditioning for automotive systems DS6201 Digital I/O Board Carte d'E/S SCALEXIO avec 96 voies d'E/S numériques bidirectionnelles DS2655 FPGA Base Board SCALEXIO I/O board with user-programmable FPGA DS2601 Signal Measurement Board HighFlex board for measuring ECU output signals DS2621 Signal Generation Board HighFlex board for simulating ECU input signals DS2642 FIU & Power Switch Board HighFlex board for power-switching with Failure Insertion Unit DS2671 Bus Board HighFlex board for connecting to different bus systems DS6221 A/D Board Carte A/D SCALEXIO rapide pour des mesures précises Carte DS6241 D/A Board Carte D/A à plusieurs voies DS2680 I/O Unit Unité MultiCompact pour les applications moteurs et de dynamique du véhicule DS2690 Digital I/O Board MultiCompact board for vehicle body scenarios DS2907 Battery Simulation Controller Contrôle de l'alimentation de puissance pour la simulation de la batterie SCALEXIO Fieldbus Solution Connecting a SCALEXIO system to various fieldbus types SCALEXIO TWINsync Solution Synchronous load motor control for test benches with dSPACE SCALEXIO Solution EMH pour SCALEXIO Simulation de moteurs électriques sur plate-forme processeur Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package Simulation temps réel aisée de circuits électroniques de puissance développés avec Simscape Power Systems™ SCALEXIO Serial Interface Solution Vous permet d’utiliser les bus Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) et Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) avec un système SCALEXIO ControlDesk Logiciel universel d'expérimentation pour le développement de calculateur MotionDesk Animation 3D en ligne de systèmes mécaniques simulés en temps réel, p. ex. permettant la visualisation de scénarios de systèmes ADAS ou de la dynamique de véhicule Automotive Simulation Models Suite d’outils destinés à la simulation de moteurs, de la dynamique véhicule, du système électrique et de l’environnement de circulation AutomationDesk Puissant outil de création et d’automatisation des tests pour les tests HIL des calculateurs