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DS4201 Prototyping Board

Integrating customized circuits

The DS4201 Prototyping Board is a general-purpose platform intended to integrate customized circuits into the dSPACE system. The board provides the complete dSPACE PHS-bus interface electronics and space for mounting custom devices.

Key Benefits

The DS4201 Prototyping Board makes it possible to integrate customized circuits into dSPACE systems. It is the interface between custom I/O devices that can be mounted directly on the board and the dSPACE PHS bus, thus enabling the connection to the dSPACE system.

Parameter Specification
Custom interface
  • Bidirectional buffered 32-bit data bus
  • 8 interrupt lines (programmable)
  • 4 PHS-bus address signals
  • 13 predefined chip select outputs (for I/O ports)
  • 1 board select signal; read/write signals; I/O signals
  • Up to 25 MB/s transfer speed
  • 80-pin custom connector
  • Power lines (ground, +5 V, +12 V, -12 V)
  • SYNCIN and SYNCOUT lines for input and output on several I/O boards
Physical connections
  • 50-pin male Sub-D connector for external devices
Host interface
  • One 16-bit ISA slot
Physical characteristics Physical size
  • 340 x 125 x 15 mm (13.4 x 4.9 x 0.6 in)
Custom board size
  • Up to 115 x 185 mm (4.5 x 7.3 in)
Ambient temperature
  • 0 ... 70 °C (32 ... 158 °F)
Power supply
  • +5 V ±5%, 500 mA (without custom module)

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