Options for Simulink®-Programmable FPGA with MicroLabBox

The FPGA technology integrated in the MicroLabBox not only addresses use scenarios with standard I/O requirements but also meets requirements on fast turnaround times below 20 μs. For FPGA applications, all standard I/O interfaces are available and can even be used together with standard I/O library functions. In addition to the dSPACE FPGA tooling, several FPGA IP libraries are available that provide higher-level functions, e.g., rotary encoder processing or PWM generation.

The I/O board of the MicroLabBox, the DS1302, can be used for three types of tasks:

  • Access via RTI function library for processor-based modeling
  • Free FPGA programming using the FPGA tool chain
  • Combined use of RTI functions and FPGA user code by means of a flexible I/O mode. You can add customized FPGA functions to standard RTI library functions, e.g., for the handling of proprietary I/O interfaces. 

FPGA Programming Options

There are two ways to program FPGA designs in dSPACE products:

  • Based on models with the RTI FPGA Programming Blockset and the Xilinx® development environment. This method offers additional, advanced functions, such as processing the encoder signal (pulse generator signal) and PWM generation as open IP cores throughout the various XSG libraries.
  • Using the interface for manual coding in the RTI FPGA Programming Blockset and the Xilinx® development environment to program a user design in VDHL. XSG libraries cannot be used in this case.

Whichever method you choose, dSPACE Engineering Services will be happy to support you in creating your own solutions. 

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