DCI-KLine1 USB-to-K-Line Interface

Robust and compact USB-to-K-Line interface

The DCI-KLine1 (dSPACE calibration interface-KLine1), makes it possible to connect an ECU with implemented diagnostic protocol based on K-Line to your ControlDesk PC for ECU diagnostics and ECU flash programming purposes. The DCI-KLine1 forwards the messages and data from and to the host PC.  

Application Areas

The DCI-KLine1 is used with ControlDesk to access electronic control units via KWP2000 on K-Line (ISO 14230). It supports ECUs providing single-wire K-Line communication and a fast initialization wake-up pattern (WuP). You can perform ECU diagnostics and ECU flash programming via the DCI-KLine1.

Key Benefits

The DCI-KLine1 comes in the same reliable, robust and compact casing as the DCI-CAN1. Plug & play capabilities via USB provide a quick connection to the host PC. The DCI-KLine1 can be used for ECU diagnostics in passenger cars and commercial vehicles with 12 V and 24 V power supply networks. The integrated optoisolation of the DCI-KLine1 avoids ground loops.

Parameter Specification
  • Support of fast initialization on K Line via hardware generated wake up pattern (WuP)
  • Baud rate range: 183 Bd … 115.2 kBd1) for communication
  • Support of standard PC baud rates according to ISO 14230 (9.6 kBd, 19.2 kBd, 38.4 kBd, 57.6 kBd, 115.2 kBd) and other specific baud rates
  • FT232BM USB-to-serial converter
  • Complies with European directives 73/23/ECC (Low-Voltage Directive) and 89/336/ECC (Electro­magnetic Compability Directive)
Host Interface
  • USB
Software configuration
  • Configuration of the DCI-KLine1 from host PC with ControlDesk
Physical characteristics Enclosure
  • Robust aluminum box
  • 4 mm female connectors for connection to the ECU and power supply: red (VBAT), black (GND), green (K-Line)
  • A-type USB connector with 1.5 m (5 ft) cable for connection to the host PC
Status LED
  • Off: USB not powered/not connected
  • On (yellow): USB not initialized, VBAT on
  • On (red): USB initialized, VBAT off
  • On (green): USB initialized, VBAT on
  • Flashing (green): K-Line traffic
Physical size
  • 16 x 55 x 84 mm (0.63 x 2.16 x 3.30 in)
Approx. weight
  • 150 g (0.33 lb.)
Temperature range
  • -40 … +85 °C (-40 … +185 °F) ambient temperature
  • -65 … +125 °C (-85 … +257 °F) storage temperature
Electrical characteristics Power supply
  • Voltage range: 4 … 40 V
  • Overvoltage protection: ±60 V, including all possible wrong wirings of K-Line, GND, and VBAT
  Power consumption
  • < 100 mA (from USB)
  • 40 mA max. (from VBAT)
  • Approx. 2 mA (from VBAT, in standby mode)
  Galvanic isolation
  • Up to 60 V DC (connector maximum) via optoisolation

1) The lower limit is determined by the USB-to-serial converter. The upper limit is determined by the driver circuit and capacitance of K-Line.

  • USB to KLine Interface DCIKLine1 Informations produit, PDF, Anglais, 441 KB

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