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Service with a Difference

Publié : 04 février 2015

dSPACE Engineering – An Enabler for Success

Christian Sauerland
HIL Engineering Manager

When I started to write this blog entry about dSPACE Engineering, I originally started by jotting down different types of engineering services that we, at dSPACE, provide to our customers. Product support, application engineering, on-site engineering, training, process consulting … the list was growing fast and I realized that it would take much too long to write about every service we provide.

But then I remembered a TED™ talk by Simon Sinek called: “Start with WHY,” which I came across some time ago. It caught my attention because Simon explains his theory that most companies know exactly WHAT they are doing, know HOW they do it, but have a hard time defining WHY they are doing what they are doing. He argues that successful companies define themselves the other way around by starting with the WHY question first. Simon’s main point is that a philosophy, a central motivation, a belief on WHY you are doing business is an enabler for success.

This idea clicked with me because I believe that here, at dSPACE, we do start with the WHY question and have principles that guide our business. And one of our guiding principles, especially for engineering services, has always been: We want our customers to be successful!

I believe the reason why dSPACE provides engineering services that make a difference is because we want our customers to be successful, whether we’re providing product support, application services or training. No matter if a customer has a deadline to get a new simulator online, to meet software testing deadlines, or if a custom solution is needed to make a system work, we will not stop working until the simulator is functional and the customer can start their testing work. Why? Because we want our customers to be successful.

It doesn’t matter if a customer is talking to our product support about a problem, or attending a training class needing some extra explanation on a topic, we will not stop until all questions are answered. Why? Because we want our customers to be successful.

It never fails to impress me how our engineers, with their expertise, dedication and determination, will not give up working until the customer is successful. dSPACE products and systems are designed to enable our customers to design the future of their products powered by embedded software.

With our dedicated engineering services, we can help our customers generate results faster and with high quality. This is important across the industries − in aerospace, commercial and off-highway vehicles and automotive − especially for complex projects where new technologies, such as ADAS systems, electric drives and full-vehicle automation, are rapidly challenging the engineering community. By leveraging knowledgeable resources from dSPACE for tool-chain development, software testing infrastructure and process improvement, customers can focus on their primary goal of shaping the future. We are here to help!

Our engineers can provide support for any project during all project phases. In the initial phase, we can assist with requirements gathering and consulting to reduce risks and provide tooling recommendations to reach product development goals. And we stay engaged post-delivery of products to enable customers to start benefiting from their investments early on by providing on-site services. And, of course, beyond the initial services, our product support is always ready to answer any questions.

We have the know-how. We are committed to maintaining our high-level of know-how with talented resources. These resources are available to our customers to leverage and maximize their utilization of dSPACE products. Why are we doing this? Because most of all, we have the drive to make you successful!

View TED™ talk: “Start with why - how great leaders inspire action” | Simon Sinek

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