Webinar Recording: ConfigurationDesk – Connect your Models to dSPACE Hardware

November 29, 2018

In this webinar recording dSPACE demonstrates how to easily connect your SCALEXIO Hardware to your models using ConfigurationDesk.

Instructors: Martin Rühl – Senior Product Manager Simulation and Implementation Software Tools, and Dr. Simon Seroka - Product Engineer Simulation and Implementation Software Tools

Target Group: RCP- and HIL-user, interested in SCALEXIO Hardware

dSPACE invites you to a webinar recording on how to connect your models to your SCALEXIO hardware using ConfigurationDesk. 
The webinar is aimed at HIL and RCP users.
You will learn how ConfigurationDesk interacts with both MATLAB Simulink and C-Code generated  from a variety of modeling tools.
We will demonstrate how ConfigurationDesk guides you through all working steps of the configuration for your real-time applications so that you can stay on top of things.

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