ControlDesk: Handling the 3-D Viewer

The 3‑D Viewer lets you display items in a 3‑D environment.

The tutorial videos show you:

  • An introduction to the Street Scene demo, which is part of the ControlDesk Instrumentation Demo.
  • How to add items to the 3‑D environment and connect variables to item properties.
  • How to work with point lines.
  • How to work with group items.
  • How to work with rectangles and pictures.
  • How to track distances in the 3‑D environment.
  • An instrument script added to a Slider to change the 3‑D Viewer camera distance.

Please note

This material is available for registered customers with additional permission for Support Information (except TargetLink) only. If you are already registered please logon with your mydSPACE ID and passphrase in order to download this material. If you are not yet registered, use these links for registration and managing your permissions

Date 2019-12-17
Vidéos Tutoriels vidéo
Industries Automobile
Type de logiciel Logiciels d'expérimentation et de visualisation
Produit ControlDesk
Type d’information Vidéos
Catégorie d’information Mise en route, Travailler avec
Release dSPACE 2020-B, 2020-A, 2019-B

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