Powerful HIL Solutions to Expand Test Coverage of Modern Power Electronics

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Power electronics are critical in the modern automotive landscape and have made possible the electromobility revolution. Power hardware-in-the-loop testing (HIL) solutions address the need to test modern power electronics at full power. In this free, 60-minute webinar, Ren Fang of dSPACE discusses compact, high efficiency, turnkey solutions to power HIL testing with up to one megawatt (MW) capability. Also showcased are the latest power HIL solutions from dSPACE, which can increase test coverage of power electronics while lowering the total cost of ownership compared to traditional dynamometer setups.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Robust testing at full power with system capabilities of over one megawatt
  • Increase test coverage with parameter changes in a mouse click
  • Front-load the testing of power electronics by testing without real loads
  • Expand the capabilities of existing dSPACE HIL and model environments
  • Full, turnkey systems delivered from a single end-to-end supplier


Ren Fang

Ren Fang

Sr. Application Engineer HIL Engineering dSPACE Inc.

Informations de base

  • Gestion de l'alimentation
    Gestion de l'alimentation

    Développer et tester des convertisseurs DC/DC et d'autres composants d’électronique de puissance liés aux véhicules électriques

  • Electronique de puissance
    Electronique de puissance

    Développer et tester des convertisseurs et d'autres composants d’électronique de puissance pour le secteur énergétique

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