Testing and Validation of Braking Systems

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When it comes to developing a moving system, be it a car, a bicycle, or even an airplane, the first thing you want to test are the brakes. But even during testing, no one wants to drive a car with a braking systems that has not been tested and validated yet. This is where the dSPACE Brake Test Bench comes into play. Watch our Innovation Coffee Break to learn how to test and validate your entire braking system with the Brake Test Bench, without having to install it in an actual vehicle.


Tim Jagodzinski

Tim Jagodzinski

Application Engineer dSPACE GmbH

Informations produit

  • Bancs d’essai pour systèmes de freinage
    Bancs d’essai pour systèmes de freinage

    Tests de systèmes de freinage électronique utilisant des forces de freinage réaliste

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