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A Mach 0.8, 40,000 ft. Challenge

Matt Polley (MPC Products Corporation), 
Chris Wall (MPC Products Corporation), 
Société: MPC Products Corp., USA
Publié: dSPACE NEWS 2008/1, Feb 2008

MPC Products Corp., based in Skokie, Illinois, USA, has developed an actuator control system that will be used by NASA to control a drive system for the Cavity Door System that covers a large cavity in the rear fuselage of a modified Boeing 747 housing a large infrared telescope. The telescope is the largest to ever be placed in an aircraft and will aid in the study of infrared light emitted from astronomical objects, including complex molecules, new forming solar systems and black holes. MPC is using several dSPACE tools to design the control software for this very unique project.

SOFIA Flying Telescope Visits NASA Ames

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