dSPACE is looking for partners to establish an open verification and validation industry platform. The standardized open industry platform aims to reduce the integration effort for verification and validation (V&V) tool chains, achieving significant saving potential during setup and maintenance. 

"In the future, users will test and develop faster and more efficiently with the platform,” Dr. Marc Nalbach formulates the overall objective. Marc Nalbach is responsible at dSPACE for the development of the initiative and the coordination with potential industry partners. “Nowadays, users invest a lot of effort in interfaces and integration. It is high time to think about how this effort can be reduced – in the form of an open platform,” he explains. Particularly in view of the challenges of development and testing software-defined vehicles and increasingly complex systems, the platform will deliver significant added value.

Dr. Marc Nalbach

Dr. Marc Nalbach

is responsible at dSPACE for the development of the initiative and the coordination with potential industry partners.

OEMs Want the Independent Platform

Currently, OEMs are building their tool chains from individual heterogenous elements from different providers. And exactly this has to be possible in the future, but with significantly reduced efforts for integration and operation. This is why dSPACE initially presented the initiative on establishing an open verification and validation industry platform to some OEMs and has received positive feedback. The advantages for everyone are obvious and there is clear interest in a solution that is jointly supported by several companies. The OEMs do not want one individual company to dominate the platform. The unanimous opinion of the OEMs:  A platform should be independent so that no single company gains a prominent position, Nalbach summarizes the feedback from discussions with customers. 

Open V&V Industry Platform: Continuity and Standards Count

“The XIL API demonstrates the leverage potential of standards,” says Nalbach and adds: “Just imagine how much more a comprehensive platform can achieve, for example, by providing continuous data exchange and automation and by integrating cloud-, software-, and hardware-based tool chains.”

There will, of course, be close collaboration with standardization organizations such as ASAM. “The consortium will develop the industry platform. This will be a gradual process, but we have set the aim of having the first solution for pilot customers by 2024. Many customers currently consider HIL/SIL continuity to be an important subject, as both methods are required. A first approach could be to facilitate more reusability here, supplemented by a connection to test automation.”

Potential Partners: All Tool Providers

Marc Nalbach summarizes the current situation: “The OEMs need all the freedom and capacity they can get to be able to concentrate on the development of the competitive differentiation of software functions for their vehicles now. Creating this freedom to increase efficiency is a mission for all players in our industry. Everyone who is involved in the tool world, irrespective of whether they have a product which is in competition with dSPACE or an addition to the dSPACE portfolio is a potential partner and participant in the platform.”

For further information and discussion with interested parties, contact Marc Nalbach mnalbach@dspace.de .



The platform will offer flexible and seamless collaboration and facilitate simulation, test execution, monitoring, and reporting. It will be open so that users have access to a best-in-class V&V solution.


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