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CalDesk for Adaptive Cruise Control

Takao Nishimura (Denso Co.), 
Masao Ohoka (Denso Co.), 
Publié: dSPACE NEWS 2007/1, Feb 2007

For the development of Pre-Crash and Adaptive Cruise Control, DENSO CORPORATION uses an environment with several dSPACE tools. CalDesk, the universal measurement and calibration software, is the heart of the setup and provides parallel access to ECUs and MicroAutoBox, which is used for calculating new functions in bypass mode. CalDesk also has an ASAM-MCD 3 COM interface to provide direct data exchange with DENSO’s software tool for evaluating video and radar data. The tool environment enables DENSO to perform measurement, calibration, and bypassing tasks with a minimized workload.

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