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Braking at Full Speed

Nicolas Gazel (Hispano-Suiza), 
Nicolas Huttin (Hispano-Suiza), 
Régis Meuret (Hispano-Suiza), 
Antonio Prata (Hispano-Suiza), 
Société: Hispano-Suiza, France
Publié: dSPACE NEWS 2007/1, Feb 2007

As a passenger on an airplane, if you watch the engines closely, you can observe the effect of thrust reversal as it occurs: As soon as the plane touches down, a vent opens in the engine cowl, and some of the air drawn in by the engine is ejected forward to decelerate the plane. To develop the ETRAS® system on the Airbus A380, Hispano-Suiza, a SAFRAN Group company, used a dSPACE prototyping system. ETRAS® is a fully electrical system with no hydraulic or pneumatic components – the first ever in passenger planes.

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