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ATS: Personal Rapid Transit

Torquil Ross-Martin (ATS Ltd.), 
Société: ATS Ltd., Grande-Bretagne
Publié: dSPACE Magazine 2/2008, Oct 2008

From 2009 onward, passengers will be able to travel non-stop across London Heathrow Airport in the ULTra Personal Rapid Transit (PRT). This new, environmentally friendly, and individual passenger transportation system has been developed by ATS Ltd. The airport operator is using 18 vehicles in the pilot phase – each controlled by its own dSPACE MicroAutoBox as it travels along a 3.8 km guideway network. The MicroAutoBox executes the main vehicle supervisory control functions, the guidance and navigation functions, autonomous driving (communicating with smart actuators for steering, drive and braking functions), and further control functions.

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