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Overview of Tools (Selection)

dSPACE systems offer multiple benefits for a large variety of development activities in aerospace applications. Typical use cases range from rapid control prototyping to software-in-the-loop simulation and hardware-in-the-loop simulation for single or networked systems.

  • Compact real-time prototyping system with various I/O interfaces and functional safety mechanisms for use in aircraft
  • Shock- and vibration-resistant hardware according to DO-160
  • Intuitive software environment with smooth Simulink® integration
  • Available in several standard variants (each with different interfaces and I/O)
  • All variants can integrate an additional embedded PC
  • All-in-one development system for the laboratory
  • Combines compact size and low system costs with high performance and versatility
  • Quick and easy setup of control, test or measurement applications 
  • Modular real-time system that can be used for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and rapid control prototyping (RCP) projects
  • Highly scalable system architecture
  • Provides high-performance real-time processors for demanding applications as well as comprehensive, precise, and fast I/O capabilities
  • Diverse interfaces for aerospace communication buses, like MIL-STD-1553, ARINC429, and ARINC664/AFDX® (AFDX® is a registered trademark of AIRBUS) 
  • Configuration and implementation software for dSPACE SCALEXIO hardware
  • Graphical configuration of real-time I/O and application execution
  • Management of external devices
  • Hardware reconfiguration independently of the MATLAB®/Simulink® behavior model
Real-Time Interface
  • Automatic implementation of MATLAB®/Simulink®/Stateflow® models on dSPACE hardware
  • Automatic code generation
  • Graphical I/O configuration via comprehensive Simulink block libraries
  • Easy and safe to use due to automatic consistency checks
  • Universal, modular experiment and instrumentation software 
  • Powerful experimental interface for measurement and post-processing
  • Wide range of instruments: sliders, gauges, look-up tables, plotters, etc.
  • Synchronized data capture from different sources
  • Graphical description of test routines
  • Advanced custom library concept
  • Remote control of calibration, measurement and diagnostic tools, such as ControlDesk
  • Automatic generation of high-quality, easy-to-read, and traceable C code directly from Simulink®/­Stateflow® models
  • Significant reduction in coding and development time
  • Generated code certified according to DO-178