We at dSPACE believe that data from real traffic situations is the key resource in making autonomous mobility a safe reality. Our mission is to enable your data logging systems to quickly respond to new iterations of training and validation, which in turn will allow for the shortest data cycles. To do this, we provide you with a comprehensive solution for flexible in-vehicle data recording, advanced data insight, and integrated data ingestion

Our Solution Highlights

  • Comprehensive data logging solution out of one hand
  • Unmatched flexibility and modularity to cover all interface requirements and challenges
  • In-vehicle processing with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for impactful data insight reducing storage costs
  • Best-in-class computational power and bandwidth to capture all sensor and bus data
  • Scalability to cover most demanding autonomous driving applications
The dSPACE Data Logging Solution

The dSPACE Data Logging Solution consists of data logging hardware and software, data ingestion and management software, and accompanying services. Record data from your sensors and networks with just one powerful, holistic solution which covers a wide range of data logging needs from advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to autonomous driving (AD) applications.

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