Functional Mock-up Interface Compatibility

As an open standard, the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) simplifies the use of best-in-class tools for specific modeling tasks and the consistent reuse of models in different development phases and departments. dSPACE supports FMI on its PC-based virtual validation platform VEOS and on its real-time simulation platform SCALEXIO in addition to the support of MATLAB/Simulink®-based simulation models. Functional mock-up units (FMUs) can be integrated in virtual validation and HIL projects together with other FMUs and all supported model formats.

dSPACE supports the import of FMUs for Co-simulation on its platforms VEOS, SCALEXIO and MicroAutoBox III (started with Release 2020-A). No additional license is needed for the import of FMUs.

The compatibility of the dSPACE tools with each other and other tools are documented by the FMI cross checks. Please check FMI cross check compatibility tables C-Code FMUs,  Win32 FMUsWin64 FMUs, Linux64 FMUs and the fmi-cross-check github repository for more detailed information.

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Date 2022-02-03
Software Type Production Code Generation Software, Data Management Software, Simulation Software
Topics of Interest Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI)
Product MicroAutoBox III, SCALEXIO, SYNECT, TargetLink, VEOS
Information Type Reference Information
Information Category Versions and Compatibility
dSPACE Release 2022-A, 2021-B, 2021-A, 2020-B, 2020-A, 2019-B, 2019-A, 2018-B, 2018-A, 2017-B , 2017-A, 2016-B, 2016-A, 2015-B, 2015-A, 2014-B, 2014-A
Keywords Functional Mock-Up Units (FMUs)

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