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  • TargetLink AUTOSAR Utilities 3.1.0 for TargetLink 5.0 Mar 10, 2020

    TargetLink AUTOSAR Utilities are an add-on to the TargetLink AUTOSAR support to simplify certain steps in the development process.
  • FAQ 783: How to enforce the order of commands in TargetLink Mar 06, 2020

    Sometimes, for example in scenarios with Data Store Read / Data Store Write or in case of hidden data flow, the order of generated code might not match your intentions or might cause different results between MIL and SIL/PIL simulation in TargetLink.
  • FAQ 760: How to use Matlab Workspace Variables in the Data Dictionary Feb 19, 2020

    I have defined the initial values of my parameters as MATLAB workspace variables. I now want to use the identifiers of these MATLAB workspace variables as Value properties of the relevant variables in the Data Dictionary. How can I do this?

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